Syllabus Resources

Sample CoE Syllabus – Sample only – please contact me to start a new proposal

How a Course Meets the Credit Hour Policy – choose the most applicable statement about your course, and then modify the description to fit the activities in your course. If adjusting the times, make sure the hours add up to 45 per credit, including your in- and out-of-class time.

New for Fall 2021 and beyond! Regular and Substantive Student-Instructor Interaction – This has always been a requirement of courses, but now we need to spell it out in the syllabus to meet federal requirements. More examples here.

Required elements of a course syllabus – there are 18 required elements for campus. In Engineering we also require ABET outcomes for undergraduate courses, whether the course is a Required, Elective, or Selected Elective course, and year of publication for textbooks.

Course descriptions

Course learning outcomesSample course learning outcomes

Course designations and attributes – Graduate atttribute. Sustainability attribute. Physical Sciences. Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS) Elementary/Intermediate/Advanced, etc. The syllabus should accurately reflect the attributes of the course. Check in Guide to verify attributes of an existing course. (Tip: when searching guide, use the correct short descr – look for “M E” not “ME,” “E C E,” not “ECE.”)

Courses with Variable Credit – if writing a syllabus for a variable credit course, your sample syllabus must be for the highest possible number of credits

Directed Study (also called Independent Study) Courses – Courses designated IND are not for group instruction.

Sample language for syllabi and Canvas courses using Engage eTexts